Sunday, November 1, 2009

How to fix a Maytag Washer Model A710

I research the web and found little tidbits on how to fix my Maytag A710 (bought July 1984). Its the first time its exhibited problems, which turned out to be that damper pads needed to be replaced. The web was not very helpful and I did not find a clear set of followable instructions. . However, the book that I've imaged below was available at my public library. It is the best thing I've ever seen and shows in detail how to fix, in my case damper pads(parts ~$20). It beats anything on the web by 100%. So, next time, go to the library if you want to know how to fix an appliance.

The site Repairclinic was helpful in providing me with good diagrams.

The FixYa site was also helpful.

Appliance parts warehouse also had good pictures.

I found these great pictures after I fixed it!


Anyway, the symptom of my problem was excessive vibration and occasional sticking of the drum, with associated noise. That has been fixed by replacing the damper pads.

Its not difficult to fix, but it takes time for somebody like me who is not a trained Maytag repair person. You only need a phillips screwdrive, a pair of locking pliers, and a couple of 2x4 pieces.

All of this is well described in below book, which as a disclaimer, was NOT written by me! I don't know if its still published.

Its available on Amazon it appears, and they have a few others such as fixing dishwashers, etc