Sunday, June 13, 2010

Deactivate Netflix User Account on Panasonic DMP BD65 BD85 Blu Ray, OR How Do I Switch Netflix Accounts

Updated 12/26/2011: Procedure works on the following devices as reported by

Panasonic BD 65

Samsung BD-C6500

Panasonic BDT 210
Blu-Ray 3D

Panasonic BD-85

Panasonic TC-P50S30
Plasma TV

Wii -Need somebody to verify. Reading the web indicates that this procedure
will work on the Wii as well. But unsure.

Updated 10/13/2011

I had the situation where my son activated Netflix to demonstrate how it works. But he left and I tried to activate with a new Netflix account and it did not permit me. I always got the red banner with a white screen below.
Here's how the Netflix person told me how to fix it and it works. I had called Panasonic and they said call Netflix.
A really nice lady helped me.
So what you do is follow this "sequence"
Press the up arrow 2 times
Then the down arrow 2 times
And now the left arrow 1 time, followed by the right arrow 1 time.
And, repeat , left 1 time, right 1 time
Finally, up arrow 4 times.
Wait a while, power it down, go back to the Netflix page and see if shows you a deactivation page which is self explanatory.
If it didn't work first, try again . It worked for me.

Updated 11/20/2011: This below comment from a visitor is very well written. If you follow his instructions to the letter it should work just fine:
"Quoting this because it worked the EXACT same way for me, including pressing OK to exit: I have a Panasonic BD65. You have to enter this sequence(above) after entering the netflix application but before it loads the instant queue. I entered the sequence while it was showing the spinning circle saying it was getting the instant queue. It then shows some account information and has an option to select for deactivating. The screen then just sat there saying deactivating until I hit the remote ok button - this exited Netflix and took me back the Viera Cast screen".

Updated 10/20/2011: Your comments are appreciated. It would be great if you also provided the name of the device for which you applied the procedure.
I want to make a table of those for which it works so people can easily scan it.

Updated 10/13/2011:I'm getting a lot of hits per the statistics, over 24 per day! Please leave a comment such as "it worked", "it failed".

Updated 9/13/2011: There are some great comments / usage tips from people who found this useful. If my procedure doesn't work for you, please review the comments.
I'm also getting the feeling that this procedure works with other Blu Ray players, (one post), but I don't have the ability to test them.

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