Wednesday, August 4, 2010

iPOD wall charger used to charge Kindle DX(use at your own risk)

I recently left my Kindle DX wall charger at a hotel. There are other ways of course to charge a kindle dx
-plug the kindle dx cable in to the USB port of a computer and follow the kindle instructions
-naturally, use a wall charger if you haven't lost it.
Alternatively, after researching from an Amazon website (, I charged the Kindle DX. (after verifying the voltages,etc) I plugged the USB end of the provided Kindle DX cable to the iPOD Nano wall charger (pic, above,original from Apple, has a USB receptacle). Worked fine so far. However, I am an amateur, I cannot guarantee this works on your Kindle DX. So if you chose to use, its solely at your risk.