Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cleaning Out Basement Egress

Over time the Basement Egress window broke, the metal frame that holds the window (a.k.a buck) got rusted, the space inside the window well got filled with dirt.
Not a nice job, but the window replacement is a snap-in, since its meant to facilitate exit during a fire if you are in the basement. Also had to make an acrylic window cover since its a larger size.
Nothing difficult, just crappy work. But should be done for safety reasons.
Some of the things to do, more will be apparent as you get in there. There is a drain cover that empties into the drain tile and thence to the basement(from where its pumped out). Must be clear and should be tested with a hose.
(This was done about a year ago, so its a little dusty)
Cleaning out
-Removing mud, gravel
-Replacing drain cover
-Test the drain with a hose, fire some water and see if it enters the basement well and then pump it out
-Removing Rust from the "buck"; grind it out, or use Naval Jelly(be safe, eyeglasses, breathing filter), and then paint it.
Replacing the pull-out window; mine is a Monarch from Iowa. Call them for dealer information


  1. I've never thought of cleaning the basement. Actually it must be harder that carpet cleaning.

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