Saturday, October 2, 2010

Need a remote "ethernet port"? ddwrt for bridging

Took me a while to get to this item. Basically I was driven to get a remote ethernet port because my Panasonic Blu Ray had an ethernet port for services such as Netflix. But Panasonic would sell me a wifi device to attach for about $60-80 as I remember.

So my choices, since I did not want to spend the money, were
a)wire ethernet in the house to the Blu Ray device
b)set up a spare linksys wrtgp4 to receive signal over the air from the primary linksys. This technique is called "bridging"

a) was not an option, can be done but pain in the neck.
b) was easier with ddwrt software. You basically have to change the linksys software and apply the ddwrt software on primary and the second linksys. Then you have a linksys talking to another linksys over the air and providing an ethernet port for you at the second linksys. From that port you wire a small ethernet cord to your device and, voila, "bobs your uncle", and you have ethernet at your Blu Ray device.

Now using the ddwrt software is not hard, but you have to follow their instructions precisely, I mean, exactly. If they say hold your breadth for 10 seconds(!) do it or it will fail. :) Anyway go to the ddwrt site and all will be revealed. There's not much point in me repeating all that's there. They have a list of linksys or Cisco as it is now called that work. Pay attention precisely to the version number.
Now all this is a savings if you can get a linksys cheap,which you can by looking on Craigslist. People sell old linksys for $10 or so.

Mostly its a lot of fun to beat the system! Good luck. If questions, leave me a note with your email, I will delete the email before I post it.

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