Thursday, August 18, 2011

Weatherizing Double Hung Windows

I have double hung windows that have Aluminum tracks that are spring loaded. There are no counterbalancing weights. The Aluminum track under pressure holds the window.
While I was replacing the brick moulding I noticed that the way these windows are built is there is a wide opening behind the tracks and the vertical window support(don't know the term for it, the vertical wood that the track fits on to!)
Anyway,there is no impediment for air to flow through these tracks, in and out.
So this winter I'm got some v-shaped plastic weatherstrip that has adhesive onone side and I'm slipping it betwee the stop and the aluminum. Hopefully that will shut off air going out/coming in.
I also have storm windows so that might be why I haven't had a more severe loss of warm air.
I'll let you know next spring how it worked out.

By the way, when replacing the brick moulding I got some special adhesive backed tape that has some sort of asphalt backing. I applied it to the outside of the window over the stop and the frame before I installed the brick moulding. So that should help a great deal too.

IF you have any questions, please contact me and I'll explain what I probably have poorly written.

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